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  Newsletter of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission


  An in-house Newsletter of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission


  Newsletter of Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology

  PINSTECH Newsletter Archive:

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World water and food to 2025: Dealing with scarcity                          

by Mark W. Rosegrant (International Food Policy Research Institute) 


Military Dermatology: Common Skin Diseases                                          

 by Peter O Neil


Weathering of Phlogophite by Bacillus cereus and Acidithiobacillus ferooxidanes           

by Iveta Styriakova, Tariq M. Bhatti


Instructions for Authors of Articles for Chemical Reviews 

by  Joseph Michl (Department of  Chemistry, University of Colarado)


Envolope function approach for the electrodynamics of non-linear periodic structures          

by C Martijn D Sterke and J. E . Sipe  (vol 38 , Number 10)


Nonlinear evolution of collision less Electron Beam-Plasma Systems            

by James R. Thompson (vol 14 , Number 7)


Microbial leaching of low-grade sandstone Uranium ores: Column leaching studies

by Tariq M. Bhatti


Radar-Based Intruder detection for a robotic security system.

by Phil Cory, H.R. Everett and Tracy Heath Pastore.


Global warming could have a chilling effect on the military.

by Richard F. Fittenger and Robert B. Gagosian.


Dirty Bombs: The threat revisited.

by Peter D. Zimmerman with Cheryl Loeb.


Man-portable networked sensor system

by W.D Bryan, H.G Nguyen and D.W Gage


Beyond the Mainland: Chinese telecommunication expansion.

by Robert C. Fonow.







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